[phobos] phobos commit, revision 1930

Andrei Alexandrescu andrei at erdani.com
Thu Aug 26 10:18:25 PDT 2010

Walter, Sean, could we arrange such that capacity of static arrays 
yields zero?


On 8/26/10 10:16 PDT, Steve Schveighoffer wrote:
> The constructor uses arr.capacity to determine how much it can append.
> assumeSafeAppend will ensure that arr.capacity is as large as possible, so yes,
> calling before creating the Appender will maximize the capacity, regardless of
> whether it will stomp or not.
> One thing that Appender will do, which is bad, but I'm not sure we need to care,
> it can be given a string literal, and then try to write over the string literal
> like this:
> auto app = appender("hello");
> // app.put('c'); // this would be ok
> app.clear();
> app.put('c'); // segfault on Linux
> I'm not sure how to get around this.  I thought of checking the heap to see if
> it owns the pointer, but then you disallow useful things like using a
> stack-allocated buffer.  I think this case may be uncommon enough to not care.
> -Steve
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>> Subject: Re: [phobos] phobos commit, revision 1930
>> Nice work.  One small question/possible feature request, though:  Will calling
>> assumeSafeAppend() on an array before constructing an Appender using it prevent
>> it from being reallocated on the first append?  If not, can Appender have some
>> kind of assumeSafeAppend workaround in it?
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