[phobos] Is it possible to get Function Time in ticks like profiler give, but at runtime?

unDEFER undefer at gmail.com
Sat Aug 20 03:10:44 PDT 2011

Hello, again!
I want one very strange feature. I even don't know if it is really  
possible with C for any OS.
But I sure that in D it must be not more complicate to get this  

So I want to get how much ticks of CPU was wasted on some function  
(including all calls) in real time.
Seems profiler give this information but only when the program was end.
Is it possible to get the same at runtime?
Also is it possible to get profiler info from other process before end of  

I know with core.time or std.c.time I can measure real time of function  
execution, but it will too much different depend on system loading.
But I want to get approximately the same numbers at the same point of  

Thank you in advance!
Sorry if I send this question to not right mail list.

Nikolay Krivchenkov aka unDEFER
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