[phobos] Is it possible to get Function Time in ticks like profiler give, but at runtime?

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Sat Aug 20 18:21:02 PDT 2011

If you really want to understand my goal you can try to read my the next  
article (sorry for bad english):

If shortly I just want to estimate CPU using by program also as other  
resources like memory.
I just try test `time` output (it prints user time and sys time for any  
program in Linux) for loaded and not loaded system and looks like that for  
Linux getrusage is what I need.
As I understand there is no any universal methods to get this information  
for any OS?

On Sun, 21 Aug 2011 03:58:26 +0400, Jonathan M Davis <jmdavisProg at gmx.com>  

> If you're looking to time how long a function takes to call, then use
> std.datetime.benchmark. If you're looking to determine how much your  
> specific
> program calls a particular function and how much time it spends in that
> function, then compile with -profile, run the program, and then look at  
> the
> files that it generates. If you want to do the equivalent of -profile at
> runtime, I don't think that that's really possible, and I'm not quite  
> sure why
> you'd want to. But even if you could, it would affect the performance of  
> the
> program and probably skew the results anyway. It would certainly slow  
> down the
> program a lot. I suppose that you could write a wrapper function for your
> specific function, time the exact time that it takes on each call with
> std.datetime.StopWatch, and then send that information to another  
> process via
> std.socket if you really want something like that. But that sort of thing
> sounds rather complicated to me, and I have no idea what good the  
> information
> would do you at runtime anyway. Usually, the reason that people want to  
> profile
> code is to determine what code they need to optimize make the program  
> faster,
> and -profile is plenty for that.
> - Jonathan M Davis

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