[phobos] Splitting words with delimiter

unDEFER undefer at gmail.com
Mon Aug 29 11:45:37 PDT 2011

So as I understand that D tries to make really practical tasks more easy I  
want to ask about one often meeting task.
If I want to print words with delimiter I can do it with 3 ways:

<print first word>
foreach <other word>
	print ", " ~ <word>
end for

foreach <all words>
	if (not first)
		print ", "
	print <word>
end for

foreach <all words>
	print <word> ~ ", "
end for
if <list of words not empty>
	<delete last character>

But sometimes there is other similar tasks which makes any from this  
approach very ugly.
The simple example: putting array of strings to cells of tables on the  
pages. Each page is table with 5 rows and 2 columns. And print at the end  
of each page the "next" or "first" (for last page) button.
I really don't remember details but in my anyfs-tools.sf.net I had many  
examples of this task and it was not connected with just printing.

If there is any good methods to do any complex case of this task more  
beautiful with D?
Thank you.

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