[phobos] Remainder: Please review pull requests

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at gmx.com
Fri Jul 1 19:28:33 PDT 2011

Just a reminder. Please try and take the time to review pull requests for 
druntime and/or Phobos (and dmd if you want to) at least periodically. There 
aren't a lot of Phobos developers, and if very few of us pay attention to the 
pull requests, then they take longer to get processed and they don't get as 
much scrutiny as they should. Obviously, we all have real lives that take up 
our time, and we only have so much time to give to doing anything with D or 
Phobos, but participation in the pull requests for Phobos has been pretty low 
overall, and progress is going to be slow if not much of anyone is looking at 
pull requests. We also risk the quality of Phobos code dropping. So, please 
take time when you can to review pull requests.


I just felt that a reminder was in order, so now you've been reminded, and you 
can do whatever you feel is appropriate given your situation.

- Jonathan M Davis

P.S. It would be particularly appreciated if those who are familiar with 
Windows and the registry reviewed registry-related pull requests when they 
come up. Andrei and I have been a bit out of our depth in dealing with them, 
and I don't think that any Phobos developers who are generally Windows 
programmers have been chiming in on any of those (though Andrej in particular 
has been nice enough to give some good feedback on them).

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