[phobos] Anything being reviewed right now?

Lars Tandle Kyllingstad lars at kyllingen.net
Wed Jul 13 13:19:43 PDT 2011

Hi, folks!

I haven't been very active in the community as of late, but that will
hopefully change now, because I have finally completed my PhD.  (Yay,
I'm a Dr. now!).  I have some weeks of sorely-needed vacation in front
of me and I intend to use some of that time for D development.

Among other things, my proposal for a new std.path is ready for review,
and I'd like to get that underway.  Rather than wade through the
hundreds of new messages that have been posted to the NG the past few
weeks, I thought I'd ask here instead:

Is anything being reviewed right now, or is anything about to be?  If
not, may I put std.path up for review?


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