[phobos] Phobos unit tests running out of memory

Jonathan M Davis jmdavisProg at gmx.com
Sun Sep 2 19:29:57 PDT 2012

Is anyone else having dmd complain that it ran out of memory when building 
Phobos' unit tests on Windows? Right now, it always seems to die for me when 
it hits around 900MB, even though there's plenty of memory left. It's passing 
on the autotester, which implies that it's a problem with my box.

But I just did a fresh install. I blew away the old dmd2 directory, put the 
unzipped dmd 2.060 there, built dmd from a fresh clone of dmd from github, and 
adjusted sc.init to point to my freshly cloned druntime and Phobos. Then I 
built druntime and Phobos. Both build just fine, but when I build the unit 
tests for Phobos, they run out of memory. It makes no sense to me. I have no 
idea what I could be doing wrong.

Has anyone else been running into similar problems? Even better, does anyone 
have any idea what the problem and its solution are?

- Jonathan M Davis

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