[phobos] Phobos unit tests running out of memory

Johannes Pfau johannespfau at googlemail.com
Tue Sep 4 09:28:31 PDT 2012

Am 03.09.2012 04:29, schrieb Jonathan M Davis:
> Is anyone else having dmd complain that it ran out of memory when building 
> Phobos' unit tests on Windows? Right now, it always seems to die for me when 
> it hits around 900MB, even though there's plenty of memory left. It's passing 
> on the autotester, which implies that it's a problem with my box.
> But I just did a fresh install. I blew away the old dmd2 directory, put the 
> unzipped dmd 2.060 there, built dmd from a fresh clone of dmd from github, and 
> adjusted sc.init to point to my freshly cloned druntime and Phobos. Then I 
> built druntime and Phobos. Both build just fine, but when I build the unit 
> tests for Phobos, they run out of memory. It makes no sense to me. I have no 
> idea what I could be doing wrong.
> Has anyone else been running into similar problems? Even better, does anyone 
> have any idea what the problem and its solution are?
I think this is a known problem. When I added the std.uuid module the
unittests failed on the autotester because of out of memory issues. I
then moved the std.uuid module to a separate unit test run (SRC_STD_4,
in win32.mak, I tried all other SRC_STD variables, but none worked) to
make it work. The whole thing seems very fragile and I guess most
contributors just check that the unittests work on the autotester, so
they might fail on other  machines.

A proper solution would probably be to adapt the makefile to compile
each module separately for unittests, like it's done in posix.mak. But I
guess there's a reason why those unittests are combined right now.

Johannes Pfau

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