[phobos] Commit Messages for Tools Repo

Andrei Alexandrescu andrei at erdani.com
Sat Jun 1 18:21:47 PDT 2013

Sure, should we create additional mailing lists?


On 6/1/13 5:33 PM, Jonathan M Davis wrote:
> I just realized that while I receive messages from github for pull requests
> for the tools repo, I don't receive any commit messages for it. The compiler's
> commit messages go to dmd-internals, druntime's commit messages go to d-
> runtime, and Phobos' commit messages go to phobos. Is there a list that the
> tools commit messages go to? If there is, apparently I'm not signed up for it.
> If there isn't, I'd suggest that they get sent to the phobos list so that they
> get seen just like the other commit messages.
> And now that I think of it, the dlang.org project has the same problem.
> Perhaps its commit messages should be sent to the phobos list as well. Its
> valuable to see when commits are made and what they are.
> - Jonathan M Davis
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