[Robotgroup] JOIN: Bryan Bishop

Bryan Bishop kanzure at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 16:57:31 PDT 2008

Hey all,

I just stumbled upon the robotgroup mailing list via Google when looking 
up the Austin TechShop [and am now aware that it was an unfortunate 
failure apparently]. I attended the Austin Maker Faire townhall meeting 
that Silona threw together a few weeks ago, and I think some dorkbot 
guys were there, and I suspect they are on this mailing list, so Hi. I 
am also keeping an eye on the IEEE Robotic Automation Society group 
over at UT, though it looks like the mailing list here is more active.

I'm somewhat of an email power user:

.. so if I ever seem to randomly stop replying, emailing me off list 
will get my immediate attention. Just FYI.

I'm not entirely sure what gets to be counted as art :-) around here :-) 
but I'm willing to throw in a few things out into the open. Has anybody 
been keeping an eye on the Austin InnovationCamp that's coming up soon? 
It's this Saturday, June 28, in the style of a barcamp. 


I'm planning a panel that might provide a sufficiently broad overview of 
some ideas that I've been toying with. Basically it's all of my site 
	http://heybryan.org/new_exp.html <-- self-replicating biotech kit
		http://heybryan.org/biotech.git or for the uninformed:
	http://heybryan.org/exp.html <-- automated manufacturing F/OSS style

... all compressed into a ridiculously informal talk session. Maybe this 
would be relevant to some from robotgroup? And if not, I suspect that 
the pages serve as a sufficient introduction to what I can try to bring 
to the table. 

Hrm. Any routines for introducing new members around ? Maybe I'll lurk.

- Bryan

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