Reading UTF32 files

Hasan Aljudy hasan.aljudy at
Thu Aug 3 21:55:54 PDT 2006

kris wrote:
> It's perhaps easier to use UnicodeFile instead:
> # import;
> #
> # auto file = new UnicodeFileT!(dchar)("myfile", Unicode.Unknown);
> # auto content =;

Ah nice! I didn't know about that.
I wish someone had told me about it earlier. Are there any tutorials for 
mango that explain where everything is?
I don't mean the documentation. I mean something that tells you: "if you 
want to read/decode files, see the documentation for" for example...

> Please note that Mango leverages a different IO model than Phobos, so 
> you'll have to compile this along with a few other modules.

I use build, so I don't really care.

> Mango typically requires the use of Build to pull in relevant modules, 
> because the combination of D, libraries, and templates just doesn't work 
> reliably at this time. If the compiler front-end were to handle 
> recursive imports natively (like a very simple Build), it would be 
> great! The changes to do so (for DMD) are minimal ;)

Yes, that would be great.
Just let dmd recursivly compile all imported module, and because dmd is 
so fast, it doesn't matter even if dmd recompiles modules that have 
already been compiled.

I always use the -full -clean switches on build anyways.

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