Robert Atkinson Robert.Atkinson.NO at
Sun Aug 6 11:52:30 PDT 2006

chojin wrote:
  > The beauty of something like java (which, I don't use, so I'm not some
> zealot) is that (for console based stuff) there's ONE basic way to output 
> text (System.out.println). It doesn't change and it's reliable. I know D is 
> a young language but unless there's a simple way for newcomers to just 
> download everything they need without DAYS of research, nobody but the most 
> hardcore will use it.
> Just my input as a newcomer. 

I remember when I was just entering University, and the CS department 
was going on about this "new" language called Java.  So along with my 
courses in C and Fortran, I took the Java course too.  The results?  We 
had to download obscure compilers/IDEs for the coursework and the 
majority of the textbook was just wrong.  The course fell apart for 2 or 
3 terms until Java (and its community) matured.

The morale of the story is that young languages are like the wild west. 
  The rules are constantly being rewritten, and everyone has to build 
their own ranch house.  Java once was where D is now, and someday, 
people will be complaining that 'E?' is nowhere near as stable as D.

However, unlike Java, when something doesn't work in D (mostly due to my 
own mis-understanding), I just write it in C and keep on trucking.  When 
Java was borked, you were stuck in Java and all its limitations.


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