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Kirk McDonald kirklin.mcdonald at
Sun Aug 13 15:28:01 PDT 2006

Li Jie wrote:
> class Test{
>   void a(int n){}
> }
> auto a = &Test.a;
> auto t = new Test;
> a(t, 1); // or: a.bind(t); a(1);
> Is this supported?

You want pointers to member functions, as C++ has. D does not have 
these. Rather, it has delegates, which are often more useful:

class Test {
     void a (int n) {}

Test t = new Test;
void delegate(int) dg = &t.a;

This use of delegates is documented here:

If you're looking for pointers to member functions to implement some 
sort of dispatch mechanism, delegates do not directly allow this. 
However, there do exist hacks to allow it.

Kirk McDonald
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