Question about win32, windows.d, user32 and kernel32

Stewart Gordon smjg_1998 at
Fri Aug 25 03:49:28 PDT 2006

nobody wrote:
> Don Clugston wrote:
>> I believe the windows headers that come with D are the ones which were 
>> needed for Empire to compile. I think they were expanded a bit beyond 
>> that, but it explains why the selection of functions is a bit odd; 
>> they were added as required.
> That would certainly make sense. Thanks!

Indeed, doesn't correspond to any particular 
standard Windows header.  It's just Walter's practice of adding stuff as 
and when he needs it.

However, it appears that Empire was written around, rather than the other way round.  In particular, 
for some reason I never established the old Empire D code worked around 
the (since fixed) broken declarations of DLGPROC et al.


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