Interface question

Paolo Invernizzi arathorn at
Thu Aug 31 02:16:50 PDT 2006

So, the answer is that a constructor signature cannot be part of an 

We must use always the factory pattern?


xs0 wrote:
>> I guess what I'm going to need to do is derive everything from a 
>> common ancestral class...and that means that the derived classes CAN'T 
>> descend from anything else, *sigh*.  The common ancestor will need to 
>> be a totally abstract class, so I thought an interface would be a 
>> better choice, but it looks like there's no way to make it 
>> work...because they've all got to implement a common constructor type, 
>> and the compiler has to KNOW that they do so.
> Hmm.. why exactly do you need a common constructor type? When you create 
> an object, you must know its exact type (and constructors) anyway, so 
> how does it matter?
> xs0

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