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Jarrett Billingsley kb3ctd2 at
Thu Aug 31 12:12:49 PDT 2006

"Sard" <sardaukary at> wrote in message 
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> Hello,
> After learning some C++ and finding too much strange behaviour I stumbled 
> upon D and am doing my best to learn it too.
> Is there a D forum somewhere that can be easily searched?

There is a forum on, but it's not very big at all.

> Why are you using the newsgroup format.

I ask myself the same question almost daily.  You can, however, search the 
newsgroup archives on with google - they're not entirely 
up-to-date, but they're pretty close.

> The question I have is does D use early binding by default like C++, or 
> late binding like Java (which makes more sense)?

I'm about 85% sure it uses early binding, since it's a statically compiled 
program (i.e. classes are not loaded at runtime like in Java).  I agree that 
a late-bound architecture would certainly be more flexible, but I'm not sure 
what performance and design impacts it would have on the internals of the 

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