English binary logic operators

Max Bolingbroke "batterseapower{no" at sp4/\\/\\}hotmail.com
Fri Nov 10 00:32:18 PST 2006

Daniel Keep wrote:
> Hasan Aljudy wrote:
>> ...
>> ummmm .. mathematicians use more complicated symbols and notations than
>> programmers.
> It's funny; but the early programming languages were designed by
> mathematicians.  Trust me, if they'd been able to use ∧ for and, and ∨
> for or, they would have :)  On a few systems, they actually *did*.  I
> think programmers use "simpler" notation simply because we're limited to
> what we can bang out on a keyboard, and mathematicians aren't.

I heard a story (possibly apocryphal) that the "\" character was 
actually added to ASCII because people thought you might want to write 
\/ for or and /\ for and :).


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