max() in phobos, and English logic operators

David Qualls davidlqualls at
Tue Nov 14 06:32:42 PST 2006

== Quote from John Reimer (terminal.node at's article
> On Wed, 08 Nov 2006 05:48:58 -0800, Sean Kelly <sean at>
> > David Qualls wrote:
> >> After looking at the mass of code it takes to implement a
> >> simple generic max() or min() function in D, I'm really
> >> starting to pine
> >> for my C preprocessor...

> Blech!  I do not find C/C++ macros readable!
> Oh... that feels better.  It seems I periodically have to bash
> the CPP...
> at least once a year, at least. :)
> -JJR

Well, since I was the one that brought it up, I feel I deserve
payment for the positive psycho-therapy you just experienced!



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