nobody_ spam at spam.spam
Sat Nov 18 13:01:47 PST 2006

> I don't know what sort of application you want this for, but in principle 
> it sounds very much like a typical game loop. Using a separate thread for 
> constant update isn't likely not a good strategy. This article describes 
> how to separate logic UPS (updates per second) from rendering FPS (frames 
> per second):
> Following that technique, you should be able to keep your 1000hz loop and 
> have your 60hz display updates all in one thread.

Sorry for my late reply (unexpected stuff :(

Won't I get into trouble when I keep everything in one thread and a 
screen-update takes longer than one millisecond?
That way I could lose a loop and I really need all 1000 of them at the 
correct time.

I thought that if I were to put the gfx in a different thread I could 
guarantee my mainloop.
making the gfx thread idle and having some kind of thread-sleep of 20ms 
every loop.

Or am I just being naive :) 

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