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Sat Nov 18 13:27:24 PST 2006

> Do you *absolutely* need 1000 updates per second?  What are you doing that 
> requires such precise timing?

Yep, eyetracking :)

> Keep in mind that even though you're using multiple threads, your code 
> won't run any faster.  You've still got the same amount of processing 
> power.  So if your logic loop can't keep up with the graphics in a 
> single-threaded program, it won't be able to in a multi-threaded program 
> either.  What you'd basically end up doing is having the graphics thread 
> wait for the logic thread to finish its update, and they'd operate in lock 
> step - at which point you're doing pretty much the same thing as having a 
> single-threaded program.

Hyperthreading and dual core systems can handle this, right?

But first try to get it to work on a single core system :)

Lets asume I have a seperate thread for my gfx, in which I plot a hundred 
pixels(idle) (no swapping/buffering)
Will this loop(of pixel putting) never be interrupted by the main 
If this is the case, then I should just do some fancy stuff in one loop :)

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