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Sat Nov 18 19:39:53 PST 2006

Lol, I would rather have a discussion about the threading...

The position on the screen isn't the only interesting part ;)
Think for instance about acceleration and microsaccades.
Plus you need at least twice the frequency af the actual wave you are trying 
to measure.

Well I think thats enough about the eye.
Can a thread be interrupted in the middle?
I think the awnser is yes, thus making a second thread for the graphics a 
good idea.
(my second post is a bit more clear I think :)

> You'd have some serious explaining to do before you can convince me that 
> there is an actual need for more than 25 u/s for eye tracking.
> Supposing the viewer is looking at a CRT that updates at like 120Hz, then 
> it would be convenient to do the eye tracking at that frequency. That 
> would be ample for the eye tracking itself, and also pretty convenient 
> with regards to getting a tracking value for each video frame. 

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