English binary logic operators

antonio antonio at abrevia.net
Thu Nov 23 14:46:00 PST 2006

Daniel Giddings wrote:
> nobody_ wrote:
>>> I'm forced to use the basic english programming syntax: if/else, while,
>>> for, foreach, public, private, protected,.... PLEASE: STOP IMPOSING 
>>> ENGLISH TO THE WORLD... you are not the only one programming here.
>>> thanks
>>> Antonio
> "English is the most widely taught and understood language in the world, 
> and sometimes is described as a lingua franca." - Wikipedia, 
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_language
> Thus for me (aside from being Aussie), English is the best choice, as 
> having other people able to understand your code is the most important 
> consideration when writing code... after all if you code isn't correct, 
> someone else can fix it if they can understand it ;-)
>> As for me: Please start imposing english to the world (English isn't 
>> my mother language btw.)
>> Imposing it only as the second language of course. Diversity of 
>> thought is, most of the time, a good thing :)
>> I kinda hate language barriers.
>> Thus I totally agree with:
>>> the best of algebra symbology is the language independence:
>> But it shouldn't be that difficult to startof a project on dsource 
>> which would enable the selection of different languages
>> for these and alike:
>>> "valor" vs "value", "irSiguiente()" vs "goNext()"...
>> It could even have a function to translate some of the algebra symbology.
> It would be interesting to see how popular such a project is - I really 
> have no idea how much non-native English programmers would prefer 
> writing code in their own language if automatic conversion was possible.
> :-) Dan
I'm not really interested:  spanish coding using english keyword has a 
lot of advantadges:  "value" or "class" are reserved words... "valor" 
and "clase" not... :-)  Spanish programmer can use than english people 
can't (because the english version is reserved by the compiler)

Mi queja se debe al hecho de que la gente piense que para que "sus 
matemáticos" puedan entender mejor el código, debería usarse una 
sintaxis "legible" en vez de una sintaxis "críptica"... presuponiendo 
que la sintaxis "legible" debe ser inglesa.

Si el problema está en que programadores profanos deben usar un lenguaje 
de programación.  La mejor opción es formarlos convenientemente.
Si por alguna razón esto no es posible, lo mejor sería que el compilador 
admitiese el uso de "alias" para los símbolos y las palabras reservadas.

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