English binary logic operators

antonio antonio at abrevia.net
Sat Nov 25 15:27:37 PST 2006

Bruno Medeiros wrote:
> antonio wrote:
>> I'm forced to use the basic english programming syntax: if/else, 
>> while, for, foreach, public, private, protected,.... PLEASE: STOP 
>> IMPOSING ENGLISH TO THE WORLD... you are not the only one programming 
>> here.
>> thanks
>> Antonio
> Well I say *don't* stop imposing english to the world. Hum, "imposing" 
> is a strong word here, I wouldn't go out of my way to force another to 
> use english, but I would like them to, and I wouldn't help in efforts to 
> the contrary.
> Why? The value of the network is the square of the of numbers of users. 
> The less language barriers and segregation the better, the more people 
> that know and use a common language the better. This is a subjective 
> opinion that I know not all share as much as I. I have been said to have 
> more of the "citizen of the world" mentality than most people. (I'm 
> portuguese btw, my natural language being Portuguese)
> Second, English is the prime candidate for that common language, because 
> it is one of the most widely spoken, *in* the more important contexts 
> (books, movies, information, nations). And also (in the context of 
> programming) *especially* because it is more succinct and expressive 
> that most other languages.
Simplicity in arguments forced million people die in Holocaust :-/.

Let time and people defend and propose their solutions... natural 
evolution is better than forced imposition.

I defend, now, && because is not "and" or "y"... :-)

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