Windows COM objects accessability

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> > I was surprised that those zip's were still available there since the
> > corresponding web pages (such as had
> > disappeared a while ago.
> Sadly I allowed my web host subscription to lapse and they deleted my site.

ISP's are mean.

> I uploaded those zips files especially for you...


> >
> > Also, doesn't the Juno project ( contain
> > a newer version of tlbimpd anyway?
> No - the one on my website is the latest version. I need to sort out the
> dsource project stuff.
> Can anyone recommend a decent SVN client for Windows (apart from Tortoise)?

I like TortoiseSVN ( so I guess tastes vary.

Have you tried RapidSVN ( I've installed just to see
what it's like. It was okay when I tested it, but I prefer TortoiseSVN. Maybe
you'd prefer it to TortoiseSVN since they do operate somewhat differently. I only
tested it long enough to decide that I preferred TortoiseSVN, so you might hate it
more than you hate TortoiseSVN.

Or perhaps you'd prefer the SVN command line interface

More information about these SVN clients is available:

There are probably more SVN clients out there, but these are the only ones that
I've used at all.


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