static assert

rm roel.mathys at
Sat Oct 21 01:40:46 PDT 2006

a few questions,
1| the doc on the website is not 100% clear for me.
Is it possible to have an optional const char[] argument in a static assert?
2| what am I doing wrong in the code below? Why doesn't the static
assert fire? (remark that when putting the static assert in a separate
mixin I can get it to work)



template itoa(int n)
	static if (n<0)
		const char[] itoa = "-" ~ itoa!(-n);
	else static if (n<10)
		const char[] itoa = "0123456789"[n..n+1];
		const char[] itoa = itoa!(n/10) ~ "0123456789"[n%10];

template Factor(int n:0)
	const int Factor = 1;

template Factor(int n)
	pragma(msg, itoa!(n));
	static assert(n>0);
	const int Factor = n * Factor!(n-1);

import std.stdio;
void main()

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