Getting going with D/OpenGL

Bill Baxter dnewsgroup at
Sun Oct 22 23:40:39 PDT 2006

What's the easiest way to get going with OpenGL under D?
It seems like Derelict has OpenGL support using SDL, but I don't really 
like SDL's single-window limitation or draconian approach to window 
resizing (i.e. trash all your textures).

Are there other options?  What's the best supported / actively developed?

I was considering working on a GLUI-alike library.  GLUI is a simple, 
easy to use GUI library based on OpenGL.  It's pretty popular in the 
graphics research community just because it's so brain-dead easy to use, 
is very lightweight, and has very few dependencies.  Perfect for 
slapping a few buttons and sliders up on the screen to control your 
OpenGL program.  I think it could be very nice for D, since D is also 
all about ease-of-use.


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