Equivilent of STL Set in D ? ...

Sean Kelly sean at f4.ca
Mon Oct 23 14:18:42 PDT 2006

BLS wrote:
> Walter Bright schrieb:
>> .....that someone do a red-black tree implementation for D. It's not 
>> hard, the algorithms are well known. It just takes a little time to 
>> sit down and do it.
> Hi algorithm fans, maybe you can help a bit. I own  the Algorithms and 
> Data Structures books from Wirth and Sedgewick. (Both antik/antique ... 
> means Pascal, still true! and of course a little bit outdated) If you 
> have a hint what is worth reading now (except C++ books) Thanks in 
> advance. Björn

Personally, I like Sedgewick's "Algorithms in C++" series the best.  And 
the "Algorithms in Java" versions appear similar, so I think they're 
probably just as good.  I find the writing succinct and clear, and 
performance is discussed thoroughly and supported by actual test numbers.

Also, while I don't like the writing style in M.A. Weiss' first edition 
"Data Structures and Problem Solving with C++" as much as Sedgewick, it 
does cover some topics that Sedgewick doesn't.  Weiss' more recent 
edition for Java (and I assume C++), however, is about half as thick and 
its clarity has suffered from all the editing.  But it does still cover 
the same range of topics, so it may be worth a look.


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