Equivilent of STL Set in D ? ...

BLS nanali at wanadoo.fr
Mon Oct 23 17:09:23 PDT 2006

Sean Kelly schrieb:
> BLS wrote:
>> btw :I wonder wether Sedgewick is still using tons of academic terms 
>> (means showing how clever he is) or is he meanwhile able to produce 
>> some output a human-beeing can read.
> I find Sedgewick to be quite readable, but his material is a bit more 
> technical than some of the other texts.  I personally like this because 
> it makes for good reference material, but if I were teaching the subject 
> I might choose a book that doesn't jump into the middle of things quite 
> so quickly.
> For comparison, my wife took an algorithm analysis course recently that 
> used Weiss' Java book.  She found the descriptions in it confusing, but 
> thought my 1st ed. C++ copy of the same book (same topics but much 
> longer) was excellent.  So I'd be inclined to recommend Weiss except his 
> recent editions don't seem as clear as his earlier editions, as a result 
> of some heavy editing to reduce page count.
> I wish I could suggest others, but aside from Knuth those are the only 
> algorithms books I've actually kept.
> Sean
Thanks for your inside view.
What I am able to figure out from your message(s) is that reading 
Sedgewick still requires time and some++ background knowledge,while 
Weiss (at least in his most recent book) : Algorithm Analyses is 
somewhat weak, or let's say the didatic part is weak .

Regarding Weiss : I hope we are talking about the same book :
I mean Data Structures and Problem Solving and *not* Data Structures and 
Algorithm Analyses.
Anyway, your informations are very usefull for me. Thanks a lot!
Regards Björn

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