A feture adjustment request and a syntax blasphemy

BCS nobody at pathlink.com
Sat Oct 28 10:38:59 PDT 2006

== Quote from Chris Nicholson-Sauls's article
> My brain hurts from reading that.  You are an evil, evil, little man,
> and I utterly despise you for all that dribble!
> And yet... despite myself, I do find it strangely compelling.  :)
> Perhaps there ought to be a way found to at least achieve what
> you're after.  Pretty ingenious -- but still very, very evil.
> -- Chris Nicholson-Sauls

In case you are interested, if anyone working under me ever attempted to get paid
for something like that, I'd give them twenty lashes with a handful of wet noodles.

OTOH doing that with a code generator...

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