client/server framework

Alberto reda at
Fri Feb 2 11:42:57 PST 2007

There is a client/server framework for D? maybe something like
quickserver for java.
I need also a framework for making RPC calls between client and server
(something like dualrpc in java).
For rpc I know mango.xml.rpc, that isn't exactly what I need, but..
mango.xml.rpc is "under construction", someone have tested it? I need it
for a complex application, it must be stable.
ps: I could use mango.http.client and mango.http.server, but essentially
I don't want/need http..
pps: I can code a VERY simple (I'm not a good programmer) framework  by
myself, but it will take a lot of time, possibly I prefer code my
application :P

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