client/server framework

kris foo at
Sat Feb 3 13:39:10 PST 2007

Alberto wrote:
> kris ha scritto:
>>Mango works with Phobos and with Ares, via a -version switch. There's
>>also a version of the servlet engine that operates with Tango instead.
>>In fact, all the high level code in Mango (servlets, http, sax,
>>clustering, etc) all work with Tango. The code for this is currently
>>located in a seperate area while we figure out where to put it :)
>>Tango already has HttpClient as part of the network protocol support (in
>>tango/net/http). If you're working with phobos, I'd suggest looking at
>>Mango. If you're ready to dive into Tango, then we could point you at
>>the relevant server additions for that instead?
>>Good luck!
>>- Kris
> I'm testing Tango in these days (and I like it), so yes, I'm interested :)

If you have an SVN client, then this should get you going:

There's some examples in there for servlets and so on. Haven't had the 
chance to package it for download yet, so you'll hopefully forgive the 
lack of a handy zipfile.

When using this with Tango, an addition to the -I compiler option might 
be necessary, depending on where you place the source. I usually locate 
these 'compatible' libs as a child of the Tango root, such that the 
usual -I works without modification i.e:


- Kris

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