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Thu Feb 8 01:49:55 PST 2007

Frits van Bommel wrote:

> Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:
>> Frits van Bommel wrote:
>>> Which one to use is hard to say at this point. I've been trying out
>>> Tango since its release and I like it but I sometimes miss some parts of
>>> Phobos. Whether this is because Phobos is just more familiar to me or
>>> actually better is hard to say...
>> Note that what you miss that you feel you have in Phobos, is very much
>> part of the feedback we would like.
> Well, for one thing: the text formatting routines don't seem to support
> binary output. At least not with "{0:b}", which seemed to me to be the
> most logical format string for it, since "{0:x}" formats to hexadecimal.
> Phobos' writefln() does, and the first program I tried to port happened
> to use it...
> By the way, is there some documentation for what's allowed in format
> strings that I missed? If so, it IMHO needs to be linked more thoroughly
> from the documentation for things that accept them...

Yes, documentation is not complete on all aspects, hopefully this particular
aspect will be improved by the next release. In theory though, what works
in C# using .Net should either work in Tango, or be noted as having missing
implementation or being a bug. Since Tango is neither .Net nor is D C#,
there may very well be exceptions to this rule.

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