variadic funtions

Jarrett Billingsley kb3ctd2 at
Mon Feb 12 19:06:26 PST 2007

"Tomas Lindquist Olsen" <tomas at> wrote in message 
news:eqr9n4$1a4a$2 at
> Guess that is what I was trying to avoid.

You would think that this kind of stuff could be automated.  I mean, if I'm 
in a variadic function, and I call another variadic function with '...' in 
its parameter list, shouldn't that be obvious what I mean?  Can't the 
compiler just go "oh, well I guess I can just forward the _arguments and 
_argptr params to that variadic function"?  It seems like something that 
would be relatively easy to implement.  I don't know, maybe it has something 
to do with the code generation.

> Yeah I don't want to go this way. Though it's cool that a tuple can be
> passed as variadic args.

I love tuples so much. 

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