status of mango.xml.rpc

Alberto reda at
Sat Feb 17 10:31:57 PST 2007

What is the status of mango.xml.rpc.Server?
I need it for my application, will be great if at least the developers
release the syntax (I saw that it has changed from mango v2.1 for the
rpc.Client),so I can start to work on my project..
And it's planned to add base64 and date types in mango.xml.rpc.Client?
now they are missing..
I need base64, I have added it to rpc.Client using ubyte[] as basic type
(like some rpc client/server in java). Basically I did a sort of
copy/paste of string code but using ubyte[] instead of char[], very
spartan but it works.
For sure your version will be better.

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