tuples and freeze dried function args

torhu fake at address.dude
Fri Feb 23 09:46:04 PST 2007

I have a function like this:

void f(int, int, int);

I know that I can do this:

template Tuple(T...)
     alias T Tuple;

alias Tuple!(1, 2, 3) args;

And this now works:


But I want to go one step further, and store the args somehow.

alias Tuple!(1, 2, 3) OneSetOfArgs;
alias Tuple!(4, 5, 6) AnotherSetOfArgs;

If I have

struct S { */ ...  */};

can I somehow store OneSetOfArgs in a field, so I can do this?

S s;

s.args = OneSetOfArgs;

f(s.args);  // s.args expands into three ints

I take it the answer is 'no'?

Solutions involving wrapping f, or using assembly is not really what I'm 
looking for.

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