Some troubles with lazy lists

Reiner Pope reIGNOREiner.poCAPSpe at gmFOOail.cBARom
Wed Feb 28 21:59:36 PST 2007

Hi all,

I've been trying to implement lazy lists in D, to see how 'lazy' can be 
useful (code is attached). I've run into several difficulties:

My implementation of the lazy list has this constructor:

>     this(T  head, List!(T) delegate() tail)

and I want to call it with the 'lazy' syntactic sugar (which would avoid 
the need for writing '{return ones;}' as opposed to just 'ones'). 
However, I wanted to _store_ the delegate, and I couldn't find any way 
to do that with 'lazy List!(T)', because every time I tried to access 
it, it evaluated the function. What I ended up doing was wrapping it in

> List!(T) Cons(T)(T head, List!(T) delegate()[] tail...)
> in
> {
>     assert(tail.length == 1);
> }
> body
> {
>     return new ConsList!(T)(head, tail[0]);
> }

I also can't do the following

>     // not allowed: (undefined identifier ones)
>     // auto ones = Cons(1, ones);
>     List!(int) ones; ones = Cons(1, ones);

This 'infinite list' is allowed because the second parameter is 
evaluated lazily. However, DMD doesn't like me using 'ones' in the same 
line I define it, so I need to add this semicolon. I consider this 
messier, because it disallows type inference. Can anything be done about 

I would guess that both of these problems can't easily be solved, but 
I've thought this in the past and been pleasantly surprised, so maybe 
someone else can suggest something better?


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