Resource Compiler

KlausO oberhofer at
Thu Jul 5 00:46:55 PDT 2007

Dan schrieb:
> BCS Wrote:
>> Reply to Dan,
>>> Amazingly, with all the references to using "rc", I don't have the
>>> program on my Windows XP box, and absolutely none of the webpages I've
>>> visited actually provide a link to download this mysterious tool.
>>> Is it possible for someone to direct me to it?
>>> Thanks,
>>> Dan
>> look under Basic Utilities about 1/2 way down
> Thanks, and for anyone else, you click on Basic Utilities.  Clicking on RCC just brings you to an information page with no links to the utility.

It is part of the Digital Mars C/C++ CD. If you want to support Walter
then buy it. See

for details.
For a quick solution you should be able to use an alternative resource 
compiler. The following packages contains their own:

* PellesC (
* OpenWatcom



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