Installing DMD on linux

torhu fake at address.dude
Sun Jul 8 15:15:34 PDT 2007

Frits van Bommel wrote:
> Frits van Bommel wrote:
>> Actually, I'm quite sure it is unable to do so (at least every version 
>> I've tried, which doesn't include 7.04).
> Though I'm surprised it didn't complain about not having a program named 
> 'gcc' if this was your problem. Did you install that manually?
> (I have a hard time believing they'd add gcc to the default install but 
> forgot the C library)
> If you've installed gcc manually (apt-get install gcc) you may have 
> forgotten to also install libc6-dev (which is recommended when 
> installing gcc, but not a requirement -- though you'll need it in pretty 
> much any normal program).
> Installing build-essential should make sure you didn't miss anything else...

Installing build-essentials did the trick.  gcc was already installed, 
and libc6-dev was not.

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