Using PostgreSQL with D.

Joshua savagejoshua at
Thu Jul 12 01:45:39 PDT 2007

I am working on learning D right now (comming mainly from c/c++/java background) and I was wanting to use PostgreSQL in my app. I've been spoiled by java for so long that I am amazed that its been so hard to find any info on getting postres to work with D. 

About the closest I've come is trying to get DDBI to work but the libpq.lib file that comes with postgres in the /ms directory does not seem to link correctly. Some info seems to indicate that I need to get VC++ and convert the lib then convert it again using a tool that I would need to purchase. 

Does this sound correct? Am I just missing some postgres driver in Tango (the std library I use) that I just need to import and I missed it in the API?

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