static assert "argument has no parameters"

BCS ao at
Fri Jul 20 09:23:52 PDT 2007

Reply to jicman,

> I made some changes to my program, and suddenly I am getting this
> error:
> 11:13:58.44>build -I..;c:\dmd\import -version=gui -version=Phobos
> OpenProjs.d c:\dmd\src\phobos\std\traits.d(72): static assert
> "argument has no parameters"
> I could probably do some undo's and get it back to where it compiles,
> but, just wanted to let you know about this one. This is using dmd
> version,

take a look at c:\dmd\src\phobos\std\traits.d(72) (it's part of phobos) 

It is in the ParameterTypeTuple template and I would guess from the looks 
of it you are using it with a non-function type.

BTW static assert errors are D's way of letting code define it's own errors.

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