D dll called from other lang app

novice2 sorry at noem.ail
Sun Jul 22 01:46:10 PDT 2007


Sorry for dumb question.
I need to write dll (as plugin for app written on C). And i want to do it with D instead of C.
Is it possible?
I can't imagine how garbage collect works, so i am afraid:
can i use D dinamic arrays?
can i use slicing?
can i return D char[] to outside from dll?
will GC work or i must care about memory myself?

Are there any advises or general recomendations about this?
(i already read http://www.prowiki.org/wiki4d/wiki.cgi?BestPractices/DLL, and it explain me about type system only)

If this already explained then give me link please.

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