const and non-const member function

Christian Kamm kamm.incasoftware at
Thu Jul 26 01:37:43 PDT 2007

>> I'd probably disallow const Foo in parameter declarations, yet don't know
>> how to do make the method-const look different.
> How about this for method-const:
> ---
> Foo const(func)(const Foo) {
>      // ...
> }
> ---
> Though I guess that may look too much like the const(Type) notation...

I thought the same thing: putting the const/invariant after the return type
might be okay

Foo const func(const(Foo))

but the current way of doing it has the merit of allowing

const {
 void func1();
 void func2();

which'd be odd to explain with the const being anywhere but in the very

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