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> Hello,
> another question,
> I wanted to generate an image having an arbitrary dimension (each pixel is 
> a  n-tuple).
> The option
> class Image(vType, int vDim)
> {
> ...
>  vType[vDim][] data ;
> }
> isn't really good, because the array isn't "unfolded" resulting in some 
> overhead (or is there a way to build a vType[dim][n] array that would be 
> represented as a vType[n*dim] array, and the compiler would optimize 
> arr[p][k] in arr[p*dim+k] ?)

If you declare a two-dimensional (not sure about more dimensions..) 
fixed-size array of fixed-size arrays, like "int[4][4]", it will be treated 
as a rectangular array and not as an array of arrays.  They are mentioned 
here: (http://www.digitalmars.com/d/1.0/arrays.html) in the "Rectangular 
Arrays" section.


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