Best way to save/load an object to file?

aarti_pl aarti at
Mon Jun 23 13:50:06 PDT 2008

Saaa pisze:
> Looks interesting, thanks.
> I need to check the code a bit more, but the creating-JSON-archive-part 
> really strikes my fancy :)
> Phobos only wouldn't be a problem for me.
> And as I read it, the boost license lets me use the code in compiled form 
> without having to put the license in text form. Another plus!
>> You may try doost serializer:
>> You can serialize to file (generally: different kinds of storages) or to 
>> string. There are 2 kinds of archives: simple text archive and JSON 
>> archive.
>> See below for use cases:
>> Simplest use case for storing in file you can find in FunctionTest1.d - 
>> 3rd unit test from top.
>> Currently Phobos only, but should be rather easy to adapt for Tango.
>> BR
>> Marcin Kuszczak
>> (aarti_pl)

Do not hesitate to put comments on forum regarding API/problems/suggestions.

Hope that this library will be useful for you.

Marcin Kuszczak

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