question regarding oop

Jason House at
Sat Jun 28 15:09:05 PDT 2008

Moritz wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Im new to the D language and have a question regarding a slightly
> advanced matter:
> Im currently porting the code of a game Im writing to D, and right now
> Im working on the event handling (reacting to user input).
> Since Im doing a strategy game, I have several menues and I need a way
> to connect a menu to the state my game is in, so when the player clicks
> somewhere, I can use the hashtable to determine which menu class should
> react.
> I think an asossiative array is the way I should go, key would be the
> state my game is in and the value would be the corresponding Menu.
> But since there are several different menu classes, I need some way to
> put them all in the value area of the array.
> In C++, I could make them all inherit from a specific base class, and
> use the base class as data type for the value, so I effectively had
> different menues in one datatype in that hashmap.
> How can I do this in D?

Yes.  Classes can inherit from another class.

class base{}
class menuA : public base{}

D allows only one base class, but many interfaces.

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