D for OpenMoko development?

Ansible notmyemailaddress at nospam.com
Fri May 2 13:47:57 PDT 2008

I'm thinking about writing a task manager application to run on both PCs 
and on the FreeRunner phone running OpenMoko.


The openmoko environment is based on GTK, so the plan is the write the 
UI in GTK using D.  The freerunner phone on which OpenMoko runs uses an 
ARM chip, so I'm assuming I'd need to use the GCC version of D.

Anyway, my question is how feasable is this going to be?  I haven't done 
development for a phone like this before, nor have I used D extensively. 
   So I'd kind of like some feedback before I invest a whole lot of 
time. If anyone has some experience with cross compiling for another 
processor/environment, or anything else re this that would be 
enlightening, I'd like to know.  Thanks!

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