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Tower Ty towerty at msn.com.au
Sat May 10 16:07:57 PDT 2008

The world is a changing and changed place

When I wanted to know something I went to a library and looked it up and / or borrowed the book. I was not supposed to copy what I needed but I did , that was why I went to get it.

Everybody did . 
When I could afford to buy my own reference books I only bought what I had to and still used the Library where I could. 

This saved the trees. 
Now the library is linked to my home and there are many more Libraries and paper copies are less needed and will become cherished antiques . This will save more trees and thats good because they really are what keeps us alive by making oxygen and consuming carbon dioxide.

The typed word on the Internet is public as soon as its typed. Trying to hang on to a conceived right to own those words or that knowledge is flawed by this new fact above.
Layers will try to maintain it but it will not be enforceable until all countries in the world agree to accept that copyright should exist.

This world wide agreement will never happen. 
Because one race will never trust another race nor respect its views it cant happen . Like religious fervour every religion believes it is irrefutably right . Every race believes this and every country will want something different .

So in my opinion what has to happen needs to happen at the time the words are typed , ie lodge your book with a restricted site ,the publisher , who pays you there and then . A one time fee as agreed . he publisher distributes the book and takes the risks ,because once another person has purchased the book and downloaded it , it becomes their property. 

You can try to hang onto a right but it will be doomed to fail
The writers must accept now that the days of making big money writing and living of the royalties died when consumers became international . The Internet is just one aspect of that. Take China with the CD's right now

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