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BCS wrote:

> Reply to Fawzi,
>> Most people understand and agree with the idea of paying for the work
>> of others, draconian security make the life of those that pay (and
>> that you want to keep) worse, without (normally) really making the
>> life of pirates much more difficult, in the worst case they could make
>> the pirated content even more attractive that your own.
> I have thought it would be interesting to try a business model that is
> something like "the product is free, support is not". The authors would
> publish the material for free and then make it clear that they accept
> donations and that they will put more priority on development activities
> that help those who are supporting them financially. They would of course
> still exercise there own judgment in what gets done but the timing... Also
> a million from Microsoft need not count as much as 50 from some broke
> collage student.
> Anyway it would be an interesting experiment.

Well, there are quite a few successful companies which has such a business
model in the software business, so hardly what could be called an

All Linux distributing companies (RedHat, Suse/Novell, Canonical), TrollTech
with Qt, mySQL (you know the thing ;), eZ (ez.no), and many many more.

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