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Yigal Chripun yigal100 at gmail.com
Sun May 11 17:41:11 PDT 2008

Lars Ivar Igesund wrote:

> When it comes to the publisher, it has a much bigger role than just printing
> it - indeed at least 4 persons at Apress (among them 2 types of editors) +
> one external technical editor has been involved in creating the product
> that has resulted in both the printed version and the ebook, and so the
> publisher has an obvious financial stake in both versions. Thus I am not
> legally entitled to sell copies of the book and take the money myself,
> something I couldn't do in any case as I have 3 co-authors. Then there is
> the last aspect of this particular book, and that is that all money that
> otherwise would have gone to us authors (not the publisher's share, are
> donated back to the D community (DSource and Tango sofar).
> So in effect, this particular book wouldn't have happened at all without a
> publisher.
when I used your name in my posts that was meant to mean all the authors
of the book of course, not just you :) i was just lazy typing all the
names so i chose you since you were the one who initially replied.
my question is this: if you (all the authors) are not entitled to sell
the book yourselves, does it mean than that your publisher has some part
of the copy-rights in the book?
if the answer is yes than the situation is completely different from
what i thought, since the point was not violating anyones copy-rights.

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