Questions about D (DirectX)

Sascha Katzner at spam.invalid
Sun May 25 23:28:03 PDT 2008

Koroskin Denis wrote:
> I've fixed small d3d9 compilation issues and commited d3dx9, dsound8
> and dinput8 bindings. I use Dx9 in my latest project, so let me know
> if have any problems with it, I'll try to help.

So far I didn't had the time to take a detailed look at the files, but 
I've noticed two things:

1) You use .def files. Have you tried coffimplib to convert the lib 
files? [1] When I translated the D3D10 part there was no def files needed.

2) Is the alignment of structs really required? As far as I know, D uses 
the same alignment as a C compiler as default. In my experience it's 
very rare that you need to align structs.



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